Struggling with acne... HELP

Hi Sugarbelle team,

I’m struggling with acne. While I am seeking professional help from a dermatologist, I would like to cover it up in the meantime as my acne (hopefully) subsides. I was wondering if you can break down the characteristic in a foundation I should look for?

Some information about me and my foundation preference:

  1. Easy to wear 
  2. Affordable 
  3. I have oily skin
  4. I am very active 
  5. I work from 9am-5pm

Thank you!

Love, Maya

Hi, Maya!

I love the fact you are seeking professional help to address your acne problems. I am confident you are in good hands.

While I was battling with acne, I look for foundations with;

A thicker consistency.. A cream foundation or a thicker liquid foundation.
This enables me to control the intensity of my base. If I want it thick, I'll build up the coverage. If my skin is doing well, i'll use a smaller amount and spread it across the face.

High pigment foundation
I remembered dealing with bumpy skin. An emollient/ balm-like foundation (e.g BB cream) looks like an extra layer on top of my skin meanwhile a high coverage (pigment) type foundation can look pretty natural on me.

Matte but not too matte
I know you have oily skin but chances are if you're struggling with acne, you’ll have dry patchy skin in some areas. Look for a matte finish to control oil but with JUST ENOUGH hydration that it does not raise flaky skin.

My personal favorite is Filter foundation (MYR40) and Mattifying Aqua Foundation (MYR40) by Sugarbelle. It's a drugstore available in Guardian.

I would also like to suggest you speak to your doctor about incorporating a suitable makeup base and makeup removers for your sensitive skin.

Wishing you all the best!
Love, Sugarbelle..


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