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Sugarbelle Instant Glow Cushion

All Day Wear Instant Glow Cushion with SPF 15+ and antioxidants help to protect skin against UV damaging while provides perfect coverage to skin.


A must-haves multifunctional organizer bag

Look how practical and spacious our SB Vanity bag can be!


Our Story

Since 2014, Sugarbelle keep changing the game to fulfil the need in cosmetics industry. Our product is not only focusing for make-up, the product also contain active ingredient where it helps to repair your skin. Our products cover EVERYTHING you would need to complete a makeup look from Base, Eyes, Lips, Makeup tools to storage solutions and hand sanitizers!

Being a Malaysian local brand, we emphasize on SAFETY. SUGARBELLE adheres to ALL local regulation and standard of procedures. We are PARABEN-FREE and CRUELTY-FREE. We strive to be an exemplary local cosmetic brand with strict control over the QUALITY of our products. Our mission is to provide the absolute best to all Malaysians.

SUGARBELLE strives to provide the BEST when it comes to service, medically-proven ingredients while keeping up with the latest trends. Furthermore, we continuously produce and revise our products to cater every makeup lover by making it user-friendly. We believe that beauty comes within but if you need a little pick-me-up, SUGARBELLE would like to be a part of your daily routine for YOU to create YOUR OWN path in this world!

Customer Feedbacks

True statement

“I use mini lip cream autumn brown. I love the texture as its soo creamy and it have a very beautiful matte texture. It is kinda long lasting too. It just perfectly fit my skin tone and looks soo natural on me.”


"Saya suka perfume Wangi sangat Walaupun kerja peluh2 tapi still tahan wangi tu Lipmatte pn best.tak melekat Tak melekit"


"Bila saya pakai mini lipcream terasa ringan je, best je bila pakai, bau dia sedapp.  Warnanye saya suka sangat.  Lepas ni nak repeat lagi "


"I pernah try yang lipbalm tu. Memang best gila. Packaging dah lah cantik. So worth it lah. Boleh buat collection! Nak beli banyak lagi. But tngah kumpul duit "


"Brg dah sampai dengan selamat…. Nanti repeat lagi…colour cantik sangat…penghantaran laju"


"Sampai!!!!! Special dan eksklusif kali ni dengan kotak harga promo buat I rasa berbaloi sangat beli ..Thank you Sugarbelle!!!"


"So far mini lipcream Sugarbelle yang plg best! Murah dan warna cantik. Love sgt!"



We deliver the best quality

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